Indian Mound and HQ

We took a short hike at Indian Mound, known for its towering cliffs along the river, and what I call “the fortress”.  You walk between huge layered rock walls covered with thick green moss and ferns and open sky, and it’s cool and quiet in the dim green light, like an ancient natural fortress.  It makes one imagine native Americans sheltering there against the elements in both winter and summer.  It’s sort of mystical.

Don’t ask me how the evil garden gnome comes into it.  They’re wily and devious creatures.  Also pictured is the almost completed cabin renovation.

It being hot and muggy, we adjourned to our HQ the Tavern in Yellow Springs, where it was cool and quiet.  I had an excellent Yellow Springs Brewery Belgian ale called “First Lost Episode”, with a lovely peachy color.

I’ve included other shots of the shops in the same courtyard, one of which, the Tibet Bazaar, sucked us in again.  It’s full of Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian incense, jewelry, clothing, crafts, and spiritual items.  Shiny!  Almost impossible to resist.  E insisted on buying me this beautiful green Indian shirt.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  I stocked up on Indian incense.

This was like a mental health day; don’t ask.  Suffice it to say, Ohio state government sucks!  [!@#$ stupid morons%^&*]  Hiking and HQ, much cheaper and more effective than therapy.

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