Off to Oz [Hypothetical]

We’ve packed our emergency essentials bags (towel, booze, stuffed animals, flashlight, crank radio, underwear, etc; must have priorities right) and we’re  gearing up to hunker down for the (hopefully) false alarm.  We’re under one of those severe wind and tornado watches so popular here in the Midwest.  It makes me crazy nervous.  I’ll never get used to it.  How do people live like this?!   So if you don’t hear from me again, assume I’m in Oz or some such weird place.  It’s been nice knowing y’all!  If we’re lucky, it will blow us all the way to our future home in TN, save us the trouble and expense of moving.  If only tornadoes had GPS.  I’ll keep you posted, hopefully with an anticlimax.  For now, here is the last fading light we may ever see… 😉



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