Weathering the Storm

Well I’m here to say the tornadoes passed us by, thank the weather powers-that-be.

It was touch-and-go for a while there last night.  Illinois and Indiana got pounded by tornadoes and hurricane-force winds.  I lay awake much of the night through continual lightning, thunder, and torrential rain and wind, waiting for the end!  I hate the midwest!!

Even E, who is a veteran of one of the worst tornadoes in history, which leveled the city of Xenia, is still a little shell-shocked from that experience, though more philosophical than I.  And now because of climate change, the season is totally random and unpredictable.

But for now, the storm has moved on, unfortunately back toward the MidAtlantic, where my old home turf just experienced unusual tornado damage the other day.  All climate bets seem to be off now.  Who knows what TN will have in store for us by the time we get there.  Volcanoes?

But we’ve come this far, and weathered all kinds of storms, so we carry on.  We’re determined to get out of here and move on with our lives.




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