Mind Prison

I’m trying to reinforce my daily writing habit.  Obviously I don’t always have something profound or even interesting to say.  The challenge is to take my empty void of a mind and try to cause something to materialize that is worth sharing.  Nobody wants to hear me drone on about irrelevant mundane trivia, least of all myself.  Mostly it’s to maintain a productive habit versus a time-killing one.  I’ve killed way too much time in my life; you could call me a time-murderer.  There should be a jail for that.  It’s like the reverse of a mind palace.  Instead of going into your mental space to visualize and rearrange all the puzzle pieces into order and clarity, you go into your solitary brain cell and wallow in empty chaos.  A mind prison.

Wasn’t that informative?  But hey, I wrote a thing.  😉

12. mimic & black hole

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