Cautious Optimism and Craft Beers

So far so good.  Our expedition to the tax people yielded an even better result than we had hoped.  Now if we can continue to fly under the radar and not send up false red flags, as is so often the case when one is ‘different’, we’ll be able to put more money in savings for our future in TN.

Appropriately, we adjourned to our HQ, the Tavern, for some good Ohio craft beers on tap, and their awesome fries.  You know, a balanced intake of munchies suitable for such an occasion.

The dark beer was a food group unto itself– Warped Wing (Dayton–who knew?) Whiskey Rebellion Russian Imperial Stout, at 11.2 % (!!), a deep, dark, intense experience that even E the newbie could get behind.

To wash it down, I got Yellow Springs (yes, our very own local brewery, around the block from the Tavern) Wyatt’s Eviction Extra Special Bitters, a smooth balance of English malt, hops, and yeast at 5%.  Really, who needs to eat when one can drink a balanced diet?

It’s nice being the designated drunk.  No lives were harmed in the making of this post.

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