Green Babies

Yippee!  My lettuces and greens have germinated and sent up sprouts!  So exciting.  Especially as it’s been snowing and slushing all night and day.  It keeps me sane.

Totally off subject, on line with the oldsters at the pharmacy today, this 73-year-old man started cheerfully reciting to me the usual litany of open-heart surgeries, cancers, etc., etc.  He’s still working doing hard physical jobs, used to be a tree-cutter (he showed me his chainsaw scars!), and loves to dance.  He was practically dancing with me in the line there.  His family who lives not far from him never visits.  But he maintained his cheery demeanor.  All this from a total stranger.  I must give off listener (or caregiver) vibes, because it happens a lot.  Or else people here are just very lonely.

E is making bread in the kitchen, so I’ve evacuated to my safe desk with my security Yuengling B&T (shoutout to PA peeps).  Don’t we sound like a couple of boring grannies?  Which I suppose is what we are.  All we need is the cats and the garden.  Maybe a porch with rocking chairs.  But you won’t catch me knitting.  I’ll be the one out back harvesting hops or brewing up something at the still.

But for now, I’ll just watch my seedlings come up, and plan my native wildflowers garden.  Yesterday, mourning doves were doing their thing on our windowsills, and I hear all the frogs and salamanders are out migrating to their vernal pools, so I know spring is just around the corner.

Ok, enough mundane trivia, I’m putting myself and you to sleep.  Here are some more photos from the fen.

Picture0221161701_3 Picture0221161701_7 Picture0221161701_5 Picture0221161646_4



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