New Year Take 2

Well, unsurprisingly that approach got a rousing response of…crickets!  Perhaps it was the missing whiny bitchy element?  How about: “WTF are you doing to leave this world a better place, BITCHES?!”  No, I didn’t think so.

OK, I get it.  We’re all too busy just surviving and getting through another day to be bothered by Meaning or Purpose.  Bills are clamoring, kids/oldsters are crapping, etc.  The answer to Life The Universe And Everything is not our immediate concern.  Or 42, alternately.

Probably it was a rhetorical question, that I’m asking myself all the time, as I watch myself fritter away whole days doing nothing much for anyone to make the world better, save possibly in my own small, humble situation.  I HATE killing time, as I repeated ad nauseum in the Vortex.  In my fanciful daydream I’m some social justice activist or artist or some such delusion, but in reality I’m just a boring old retired person on a tiny fixed income, just glad I have a roof over my head and enough to eat and pay the bills, thanks to my fellow survivor from a much rougher past than myself.  She fought her battles, in some cases still does, and is just happy to finally get a break in relative security and seclusion.  I can’t blame her.

So what can someone like me, who wasted much of my life making stupid decisions, and living with the consequences, do at this late date to make up for some lost time and make a difference?  I guess that’s my real question.  I don’t expect an answer.  I think my current isolation and circumstances give me too much idle time in which to question my purpose and relevance.  Most people are too busy living, being hounded by their goals and expectations, to spare a moment to speculate.  I guess I’ve just always questioned being born simply to exist, struggle, become irrelevant, and die.  Not very original, but still valid.  I’m sure someone else out there wrestles with this, when they have a moment to think.

I’m a frustrated Aquarius, what can I say?  At least I’m using my Upper Case, for a change.  😉

So, here’s a different question: what shall I write about?  Seriously, suggest anything, however outlandish, and I’ll give it a stab.  I’m not much of a writer, like my brother and son, but I love to write and obviously need more practice.  I’ll still keep blabbing anyway, so might as well write about something someone wants to read.  Otherwise it’s amateur photos of boring Ohio life, to cure your insomnia.  You decide.

Here is a rare sighting of YT:



One thought on “New Year Take 2

  1. I know, here I go, but! Look at that smile 🙂 You have made a big difference in my life! Your being here means a lot to me. I lived most of my adult life, running at about 100+mph, I didn’t think I would be able to, “just, Retire!” but as it turns out, with you, I’ve adapted quite well. Thanks to your wonderful company.

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