Something Different: Q&A

WordPress assures me that all that whining and bitching I did in the VOE (Vortex Of Evil, a.k.a. NJ) was much more interesting to my hypothetical audience somewhere out there, than the more mundane trivia of being put out to pasture in Ohio (go figure), and I might want to revert to my former style(?!).

So I’m going to try something a little different.  GIVE ME FEEDBACK (however critical).  In fact, your feedback will make this exercise much more effective.  So fire away.

For my first installment, I pose this question.  Please answer honestly.

What do you personally do in your life to feel like you are leaving the world a better place?  Or is this even a consideration in your daily life?  It can be as mundane or as idealistic as you like, as long as you’re being honest.  Be as brief or elaborate as time allows.

Ok, your turn!  I warn you, I’ll go back to boring food and nature photos if you do not respond.  That is a threat!    (Actually, I probably will anyway.)  😉

PS: Bonus Question: Can you guess what’s different about my editing? (Hint.)  New tricks.

Here is the original X-marks-the-spot, permanently enshrined in our Museum of The Pizza Planet.








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