when we last left off…

so, how did i get from caregiving for my parents in NJ (the Vortex Of Evil, aka VOE) to medieval Ohio, you ask?  long story.

short version: i did my time, five long years, having lost everything, with no end in sight, and no foreseeable future, and then this very strange thing happened.  a totally unexpected Plan B materialized before me, and after lots of agonizing, self-examination, and negotiation, i took it.  the end.

that’s the very short version, which leaves out all the psychodrama, so i’m going to leave you cliff-hanging in suspense until the next chapter, whenever i get up the energy to elaborate.  but i said i would try to write something every day, so here’s your something.

meanwhile, here is a lovely fungus for you to enjoy while waiting.



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