chapter one

once upon a time, there was a young transgirl.

if you have to ask, go do the homework.  i did the HW (being clueless like most folks), and it led me to a whole new world.  well, not new for transpeople, who have to endure this strange alienation from the time they become conscious of themselves and their difference.  anyone born biologically not their true gender will tell you: don’t try this at home.  this is not something anyone would ever choose, or wish upon anyone. it’s traumatic, to say the least.  it’s a long, arduous, lonely, expensive journey.  that’s the short version.

so i found myself in a weird online underground, getting a whole new education so i could be informed and supportive of a young transgirl in this parallel universe.  never did i imagine it would take me on this amazing, surreal trip out of my lonely exile in NJ onto this unforeseen fork in the road.  life can be very strange indeed.  you could never plan something like this if you tried.

long story short, i met someone.  someone completely opposite to me in every way, and yet… here we are, living together in medieval Ohio, with a whole new unexpected second chance in front of us.  but that’s a chapter for another day.  stay tuned, if you dare.

yeah, i was going to try posting once a day, but i guess the pump is primed.  so much to tell, and who knows how little time.  i think it’s worth telling, but you be the judge.


here is a photo of my cave.





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