back from the gulag

can it possibly be two years since i last wrote?  so much has happened in that time that i can’t begin to recap.  but my son and daughter-in-law have inspired me to come out of the shadows and flex my keyboard once again.  let’s see what happens.  if i can even recall how wordpress works.

i guess i’ll just start at now, and eventually work my way back.  live in the present, not the past.  the future has a silly habit of getting shorter all the time, so no time to waste on the wasted past.

here i am in–Ohio!?  long story there, but it’s (thankfully) only a temporary waiting room on the journey to our (another long story) final destination.  i don’t recommend Ohio as a final destination to anyone, but that’s just me.

today, at this moment, we (i’ll get to that later) are awaiting word on our house bid in Maryville, TN.  i realize out of context, this factoid makes no sense at all.  just suspend disbelief and hold that thought.  trying to stay in the moment here.

i always imagined myself as a writer, not that i can write.  they say you should exercise your literary muscles by just writing or posting something, anything, daily.  actually, i have a lot of backlogged material, but not the articulating skills to go with it.  i know one thing, though: i’m tired of listening to myself whine angstily–is that even a word?  it is now.  that’s how the english language evolves.  make it up as you go, and it goes viral, and suddenly it’s a new part of speech.  anyway, angstily we roll along (using it in a sentence).

it’s crazy–i feel like i could fill a whole book with what i’ve been through in just the last two years (since i escaped my exile in the Vortex Of Evil [VOE], and yet i can’t EVEN begin.  if you don’t know me, you would never believe me anyway.  if you do, it’s old news.  if you’re me (which you’re not, thank whoever), you just get bored rehashing the same old history.  and yet, in my (unbiased, of course) opinion, there’s a REALLY AWESOME BOOK here somewhere, just waiting to be written by not me.  any takers?  i didn’t think so.

well, there’s still time for that.  meanwhile, we have a house in TN somewhere near my awesome son and family just waiting to become ours, and mental muscles to flex daily, starting NOW.  feel free to ignore or throw tomatoes, as the mood dictates.

here is a picture of shiny pipes.






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