chapter two

so, there i was, dwindling and pining away in utter despair in my bleak exile in the VOE, blah blah blah, read all about it in my previous whine-o-thon…

when all of a sudden, i found myself down a surrealistic rabbit hole talking to this person, who may as well have been an alien from another galaxy.  the language barrier was the first giveaway, and we spoke the same language.  sort of.  and every other possible cultural/social difference you could imagine.  but there was something there, beyond all the gaps, that kept us talking…and talking, night after night.

next thing i knew, we were talking long term, and i was on a time machine traveling back in space/time to where Ohio plods around its mind-bogglingly slow orbit.  i thought i felt alien in the Vortex, but that was nothing, which is saying a lot for me.  talk about culture shock; i think i’m still getting over it.  and yet…during our trial week inside our own little space-pod, Plan B from outer space was conceived.  so back to the vortex i went, to make it so.  easier said than done.

and that’s all i have energy for right now, so your cliffhanger will continue to hang…stay tuned for the next ambiguously gay episode.


here are some bong-like things from another world.



2 thoughts on “chapter two

    • i don’t think so, although some of the pieces are almost worthy of that artistic merit. it’s like a glass-blowing museum in that little head-shop. i get high just gazing at them, never mind trying one out. Yellow Springs is its own little space/time continuum.

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