put this in your pipe, sherlock

normally, i don’t use my blahg as a personal journal, but today isn’t normal, so i thought i’d be different.  if anyone happening to read this recognizes the weird symptoms i experienced today, please talk to me.  before i lose it altogether.    

maybe it’s just the time of year (it’s halloween).  something in the air.  mold and fungus, or that certain je ne sais quoi.  maybe i’ve been around demented zombies too long, and it finally infected my brain.

i was outside repotting plants to bring in before the frost.  nothing unusual, except for the fact that i’ve been making myself go outside and do outdoorsy stuff for three days now.  trying to reclaim an old habit.          

suddenly, it was like i was in a waking parallel dream-world, and every mundane thing that was happening, had been going on in that other reality.  i’m not talking about deja vu.  and i don’t think i was reliving dreams.  it was more like i was awake and dreaming.  it felt a little like when you’re stoned or drunk, but i wasn’t.  it wasn’t just the chemical/neurological euphoria of working outdoors.  it was trippy, disorienting, and disconcerting.  it felt like i was losing my mind.  i had to go retreat back into my room to regroup.

so just for laughs, i thought i’d record it, in case it’s just the precursor of something more serious.  so if i go off the deep end once and for all, you can replay my last semi-coherent thoughts and try to solve the mystery, like sherlock holmes.  maybe i should say some famous last words, just in case.

um.  wow.  did you ever try to come up with the last words you might ever say?  think about that.  what if you say something really stupid, and then you don’t die?  or what if it’s really schmaltzy and embarrassing?  or just plain mundane and boring.  i think i need to give this some thought, before i officially go insane.  stay tuned to my next episode.  if i make it there.  if not, just hold that thought.     

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