hindsight for the future

here is yet another helpful list arising from the very depths of the Vortex Of Evil, or more specifically, from all the deadtime generated therein. this one is brought to you by Oldsters Disincorporated ©™. it is offered in hopes that you can take away something from what i’m learning the hard way from oversights of the previous generation. assuming you make it conscious to the end of the list.

1. look into simplifying your lifestyle, and reduce possessions accordingly. sell or donate overflow now, not when it becomes too overwhelming. you can’t take it with you, and maybe someone else can use it in the meantime. and here’s a surprise: many of your treasures are so common that there’s no demand for them.

2. set up an organized file system, and systematically sort, file, and eliminate as necessary on a regular basis. make sure all essential documents and items are easily located.

3. make sure all legal docs (will, living will, poa, etc.) are in order and updated, and that the family understands your intentions before the fact.

4. don’t assume your assets will cover all contingencies. medical and eldercare expenses will quickly drain the best-laid savings plans. consider all possibilities and plan realistically, with the help of a financial advisor if necessary.

5. do not take it for granted that your children will just drop everything and move in with you to take care of you, if you choose to stay in your old home. refit/ modify as necessary for accessibility, and consider all pros and cons of maintaining your status quo. assume circumstances will change drastically, and prepare for alternate strategies.

6. keep in mind that at some point you may not be driving or accessing services on your own, so consider your future location and lifestyle accordingly. either relocate to an area that provides public services and accessibility, or revise your lifestyle to be able to survive and maintain yourself for longer periods.

yes, this is the sort of thinking that goes on in my head ad infinitum, here in the Vortex. basically, i’m trying to imagine a life in the 21st century not involving the meltdown that items 1-6 only begin to address. i vaguely remember a time when i did not think like this 24/7. it was a year and a half ago.

it’s a little like apocalyptic scifi, only without all the good bits. just the tedious zombies and dementia epidemic.

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