Back with the Pack

S was clamoring for “Nomi” yesterday, so there I went.  He really missed me, it seems; he was all over me.  He seemed a little better to me in some ways, more articulate and less unstable.  The only time he melted down was when it was time for me to leave, and then he cried pitifully.  Well, OK, also when he had to go potty!

The others seemed pretty quiet and content.  K was back to his usual lair.  E had been baking up a storm, as usual.  Y (at the moment) seemed happy and not having screaming fits.  Avdi was cooking dinner, but actually took a few moments to talk.  He’s able to leave S home more often for short errands or driving me home.  Soon Avdi will meet with the school to figure out where S can be placed for more appropriate supervision.

Today my dentist did the full mouth scan for the perio implant construction project, starting next week.  It’s an exact realistic 3D photo of my teeth, amazing.  (He also did a filling while we were at it.)  I know, boring, but not to me.  Plus I’m a little schnockered from the anesthetics.  The only thing he didn’t provide comfort-wise was the margarita I ordered!



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