STL 2024

Here’s how I celebrated NYE: I slept through it.  I believe my son, now home with the kids, did too.  No more partying for us lone oldsters and single parents of juvie fiends.

My “vacation” featured mostly much-needed sleeping in, but that ends tomorrow, with the first of many early morning dental and medical appointments, undoubtably interspersed with childcare, throughout the coming months.

As for financial assistance, I lost or disqualified for half the things (I’m too “rich”!?), but did manage to qualify for some medical financial assistance and a food program (not state gov, of course), so that’s already kicking in a little.

The days are now getting a fraction longer, and I’m already starting to plan and preorder for the garden, so that’s something to look forward to.  This year’s garden should be more intentional and customized to the family’s preferences.

My “resolution” as it were is to stay alive and try to make my extended chosen family’s lives easier for as long as I can.












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