No Shade, Just Light

Psych–you were expecting my usual xmas throwing shade!  Nah, why dignify it?  Instead, here’s how I enjoyed my “just another Jewish day”.

I slept in.  F–it, I slept in some more!  My dreams lately have been riveting.

I planted and repotted plants, while letting in the warm rainy air.  Rain!

I played with fire, candles, incense, and sage.  Fi-uh!  (Rain and Fire, my Elements.)

I ate some leftover rice, the closest to Chinese I had on hand.

I poured the last of my saved amontillado, early.

I played favorite CDs, old-school-style, and danced like no one was watching, which thankfully they weren’t.

I thought about how in STL I reclaimed my version of Jewishness without feeling like an imposter.

I enjoyed spending time with myself.

I wrote this.



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