Caravansary Under Way

Erev preps: abridged version.  A frenzy of trip preps churned around me as I baked and “helped” i.e. mostly kept out of the way.

S was particularly hyper and agitated all day, alternating between extreme meltdowns and leeching onto me.  He got more panicky and dysfunctional as he got overtired, and I was worn out.  At one point, Y broke down over yet another personal item S had taken and damaged, but then unexpectedly turned around and offered to help S pack.  It was a rare, noteworthy gesture.

Eventually packing up the car was accomplished, taking time out to do the blessings and eat spaghetti and meatballs.  Avdi did a superhuman job of managing and supervising the whole process, despite being exhausted himself.

Jess, who will ride shotgun on the long haul to Ohio (midway) and back to hand the kids over to Stacey, arrived and loaned me her car.  I went home and collapsed and slept in.

They were to set out early this morning (five-ish).  By now they are hopefully almost there.  Once Avdi gets back and likewise collapses, he will be doing his own version of holiday reveling in blessed kid-free peace.  It’s overdue and well-deserved.


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