Another Solstice Behind Us

Happy Winter??

Once again S was suspended, and it’s become clear the school is pushing for placement in a more “appropriate” setting, since they can’t seem to manage his disability.  They practically sent a restraining order!  Now it’s up to them to work with Avdi to find a solution, hopefully one that keeps S able to integrate with “typical” peers but provided with more guidance and supervision.  Needless to say, this is one more layer of stress and distraction for Avdi.  I’ve been going over there to keep an eye on S, without making it seem like a reward or positive reinforcement for getting kicked out of school for destructive behavior.

Y is very similar to S, probably why they “hate” him.  They are hypersensitive and insecure.  They alternate between screaming tantrums, obstructive behavior, and sullen withdrawal.  Then sometimes they snap back into affection mode.  You never know what mood they’ll be in or how they’ll react to the slightest thing.  Still, they allowed me to take them to a tropical pet store to get terrarium supplies, their latest interest.  It’s always been one of mine, too, and I was glad but nervous to take them.  At the store, Y was very withdrawn, but between us and a salesperson, we successfully obtained the items, and they paid for most of it with their own debit card.  Positive experiences like that will hopefully build trust.

K and I seem to have a good understanding and similar sense of humor.  He remains apart from the others, but enthusiastically involved in school clubs and activities, and seems to be on a college track.  E and I have been getting closer, as they trust me more.  Both of their disabilities take different forms, not volatile and destructive, and not as incomprehensible to me.  I suspect E’s constant baking self-challenges and successes are one form of constructive therapy for channeling difficult emotions and insecurities.  When they take over the kitchen, it’s like a cornucopia of wonderful breads and desserts.  Then Avdi, not to be outdone(!), tries to keep up, and it’s like a patisserie over there!

The kids and Avdi are about to drive halfway to meet Stacey, who will have the kids for the rest of the holiday.  So erev preps will be abbreviated, as they get ready.  Then Avdi will get a little breather (mostly to work and take care of business without constant interruption).


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