Flip of a Switch, It’s Winter

Here’s how STL winter arrives: a switch is flipped, and it’s winter!  One day it’s 80, the next it’s 40s,30s, 20s.  No “winter is coming”, no gradual fade, just instant cold.  And rain.  It’s very dramatic.

Yesterday when I went to Avdi’s for erev preps, it was still fairly warm, and Avdi and Jess were working outside on the patio all day (until forced inside by a sudden downpour).  I worked up a sweat baking, cleaning, and cooking.  (Also losing weight, my evil plan.)

If it were possible to outdo my already outdone challah, somehow I managed it (critics all agree).  I mean, look at it–it tastes as good as it looks.  Like a sweet goose-down pillow of delicious yumminess.  It’s what everyone looks forward to, and gobbles up.

The meal came out pretty nice as well, including sweet spiced butternut squash rings, and a spinach and peppers dish that completely originated in our garden.  A salad of fresh tomatoes from same.  Everyone liked everything.  I even got S to (reluctantly) try a roasted squash seed, and then he ate a handful!  Not as much luck with the rest of the meal, though.  One thing at a time.

Our table was packed with family, including Jess, food, and lots of friendly conversation.  Y wasn’t feeling well, but came out later to join us.  E expressed really liking our Shabbat “tradition”, and even interest in revisiting CRC.  Meals tend to be a quick affair, pushed for time by other kid activities, but this time there seemed to be some lingering, a good sign.Then everyone helped clear the table.

I stuck around while various kids went to various events, some outdoors, and needed rides home.  So of course it had turned cold and wet out.  Then I came back to my apartment, tossed and turned with cold sweats all night as usual, and finally got some sleep this morning.  It seems to be my new routine.  But–I had lost weight!

Later it’s back to Avdi’s overnight, where I get to test-drive the new pillows we ordered, so maybe I’ll sleep better there.  (Also goose-down, but not the edible type.)




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