Read This and Sleep

Yesterday morning, at the last minute, my Hema Dr.’s office called to cancel my follow-up appointment because my doctor was sick.  So I had to cancel my prescheduled ride, and reschedule the appointment to the end of November, so as to be able to arrange another ride ahead.  So the suspense continues to kill me!  And possibly a whole buffet of cancers, who knows.  Oh well, it gave me a chance to try to catch up on sleep, which has been eluding me.

I’ve been trying to test my wonky leg (and keep my weight down) by taking walks to stores for stuff I need.  It works out that there are no grocery stores within my walking distance, so I can’t gain it all back!  So far the reinforced leg is holding, as is the weather.  There are even a few trees(!) on the way to CVS, so I could take some colorful photos of my pedestrian life.  Read this and sleep!


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