“Break a Leg”

As it turned out, we had our own private sukkah-deconstruction-and-beer party!  K mowed the lawn, while Avdi and I took down the sukkah.  When the other kids came out, it had conveniently disappeared!

I played with S and Y, and they even miraculously played with each other.  Some Barbies (including an amputee) took a bath and sunbathed (rated MA for nudity).  Despite all my symptoms, I felt pretty relaxed there.  Avdi drove me home later.

I finally have my new digital scale, so I can monitor my weight.  I couldn’t believe the good news: 125.6.  I don’t get enough exercise (or balanced diet) lately, so I need to keep myself on track.  My goal is 120.  I walked to the store and back, and my leg (fortified by two ace bandages and an ankle brace) didn’t even give out.  I’m going to stay healthy if it kills me!

Tomorrow I find out my fate at hematology.  I guess it’s too late for luck, but positive thoughts are welcome.


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