Progress Report from MurderBot/ZombieKiller HQ

It’s freezing out!  We have freeze warnings!  It figures I had to reschedule my vax walk to/from CVS for tomorrow, when it will feel like it’s in the 20s.  Who knew.  At least I’ll be less sick for it (until after the two vaxes).

Some possibly good news (or my doctor is trying to not scare me): the PET scan results show nothing “major” to worry about, we’ll find out more at my next appointment.  Which I had to reschedule for the end of November.

Things are warming up at The Avdi’s, at least!  My overnight went smoothly and uneventfully, which is progress.  Even the continuing saga of which culprit stole K’s “personal” root beers which Dad bought for “him” is working itself out!  (It wasn’t me.)

S seems calmer and more self-regulating, at least when I’m there.  He takes naps without even resisting, sometimes spontaneously.  He’s more cooperative (with Avdi) about going to the bathroom, normally a big fight.  Yesterday S got upset because a bowl was slightly wet (he hates anything wet), but he immediately took himself into his bedroom, did whatever self-calming exercise he knows to do, then walked back out and dealt with it.  He’s learning to manage his reactions.

Y has been unusually friendly and affectionate with me, a big improvement.  We were playing and joking around a lot.  They even seem to be a little less hateful to S.  Both Y and E have been going out with friends doing activities like trick-or-treating in town on their own, a positive sign of adjustment.  Sometimes they can be in the same room together and get along!

E continues to outdo themself baking wonderful confections, some for gifts to friends.  They are quite the pastry chef.  It seems to be their therapy, as gardening is mine.  Not to be outdone, Y learned to use the latest scary kitchen droid (I call it MurderBot) to make french fries, which turned out great.

K keeps himself entertained in his computer lair, but also is involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities.  He seems to be the most well-adjusted of them all.  I wish I could have been as self-assured, independent-minded, and secure as he is when I was a teenager.

Avdi got to go over to friends’ Halloween get-together, dressed as a zombie-fighter, while I stayed with the kids.

I realize raising four challenging ND kids until (if) they mature enough to be OK on their own, while working long hours to support everyone, is going to be a long, ongoing process, with or without anyone there to help carry the load or provide moral support.  My small part is negligible, but still rewarding to be able to gain the kids’ trust by being a consistent part of their extended family, and provide what little respite I can for my son.  It’s something I never had from the couple of grandparents I had who were still alive when I was born.


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