Back into GenPop

Guess where I am?  Hint: it’s Friday, so the moratorium is lifted.  Since the last time (a week ago) S has been suspended twice from school, including today.  He gets hostile and combative, as well as displaying pathological demand avoidance (PDA) .  One of his meds has now been increased, to see if that helps calm him down, and we’re researching ASD pediatricians.

In spite of all that, we had a pleasant, non-eventful Shabbat meal and evening.  We were glad to be together again.  I’m spending the night so Avdi, who is beyond exhausted, can get to go out.

I also got to go in the sukkah again.  The yard is filled with masses of native asters and goldenrod and white snakeroot.  It’s actually cool and breezy for a change.  It’s supposed to go down in the 40s tonight!


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