State of the Artful

I think some comic relief is in order right about now.

You may remember the “dungeon”, otherwise known as the so-called “laundry room”.  Filthy, with a few ancient, semi-functional tiny machines.  My amusing landlord just announced the installation of “brand new, state of the art” washers and dryers, to be maintained by an outside contractor, “a prevalent name in laundry world”!  (He’s Indian, he likes to embellish.)  So I took my life in my hands and investigated.

Indeed, there were a couple of each, new, tiny, coin-op machines, of course now more expensive to operate.  You can even use a mobile app, woo.  Over in the corner were piled many more used junkers than had been there before.  I’m guessing he tried the cheaper approach first, and finally resorted to a functional solution.  The room itself is still dungeon-like, although it looks like someone may be attempting to clean it up and paint over the mold and mildew.

I may even become desperate enough to avail myself of all this state of the artiness.  Obviously after a year without the personal washer/dryer Landlord-ji had said he would consider installing (for a higher rent), that’s not happening, nor can I afford it.  I’ll be breaking even as it is, if I’m lucky.

Wacky times at Watson Village.

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