Atypical (not a typical) Rosh HaShanah

Because of our unpredictable situation with the kids, we probably won’t get to attend Rosh Hashanah services at CRC this year, but it’s nice to know in theory a welcoming, inclusive (and affordable for most) community is there for us, plus livestreaming will be available.  More importantly, I’ll be cooking up a festive storm for the family at home, which is more my style these days anyway.  I’ve had J’s car this week, so I was able to go get us some last-minute groceries for erev RH/Shabbat.

The kids haven’t been too out of control for the most part, though they have their moments.  It’s still pretty touch-and-go.  S’s outbursts and shutdowns seem to be a little less frequent, and Avdi is trying strategies to give him more consistent structured routines that work for S.  I’m also finding little tricks to help him stay calm while doing HW; just sitting with him while he reads and reassuring him when he gets frustrated seems to help.

Y is my/our biggest challenge sometimes.  They alternate between obstructive, antisocial, uncooperative, surly moods, and suddenly switching to agreeable and civil.  It’s hard to know what triggers all that rage and insecurity.  It doesn’t help that I recognize those familiar dark moods from my own childhood, which sets off my own anxiety and insecurity even now.  I’m hoping once they trust me more, we’ll make some progress.

I’m finally catching up on posting in the wee hours, when I often wake up and can’t sleep.  Sometimes it’s my only chance to write, and it’s quiet.  Here are some photos from the week.  The croissants were made by Y on a sudden whim timed right in the middle of my baking biscuits and making dinner, so I had to surrender the kitchen to them, which is typical.  But hey, the croissants turned out well.



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