Days Off

I’m taking full advantage of my “days off” by just chilling, and getting a few things done.  Mostly sleeping.

Now that I have the equivalent of a FT job (paid in food, drinks, and Q-time with gkids), I appreciate my down-time even more, while being more conscious of the fact that Avdi doesn’t get any days off or time-outs.  Single-parenting, especially of neurodivergent kids, is an OT job on top of day jobs.  You don’t get to relax or socialize or caregive yourself.  It’s not the most rewarding job in the world.  But it can be very enlightening!

My PCP social worker connected me to resources for transportation to medical appointments and other services, so that’s one of the things I’m working on.  That way I can affordably get myself to doctors and specialists, even a grocery store, without having to cancel, reschedule, or beg for rides.  The last thing I want to be is like one more “kid” to have to worry about.

Here are some more photos from the week.


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