Intensive Care

I’m actually back at my apartment after an intensive week of ninja-care, cat-care, car-care, and reuniting with the next gkid.  Jess and family got back from their getaway late last night, and will reclaim her car.  Things are starting to settle down into the new normal at Avdi’s, and he even got some much-needed sleep.  So I can take a step back for a day or two, and catch up on my own business.  It will seem strange without Ninjago and swordplay in the background.

I’m glad I could play a small part in the kids’ transition to living here full-time.  S now really likes and trusts me, and his tantrums often end as fast as they began, with me next to him.  I feel like we made a lot of headway and even breakthroughs.  E is starting to relax a little after their unfortunate experience at camp, and I know we will get along well.  They even said I was like their second mother, and didn’t want me to leave.  I feel honored.  Now we’ll see how it goes with Y when she returns; I’m sure it will be fine.

Garden-care is the one thing that got somewhat neglected, partly because I’m still pretty dizzy all the time now, but it’s well-established on its own.  There are little yellow squashes and zucchini forming, and other healthy plants thriving.  Goldfinches are already eating the sunflowers.  Frankfurt the rabbit just sits out back mowing and ignoring us.  I wonder how he’ll deal with a dog if and when they get one.  I know how I’ll deal with it, now that I’m a dog person (in theory).

Here are flowers and a Ninja.


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