Periodontic Review

I took a day off from gardening to just take care of business at my apartment.  I spent all morning on the phone and online, trying to find a periodontist in the area that takes my dental insurance.  What a chore.

You’d think you could just find one on the insurance in-network listings, but you’d be wrong, because providers never update their changes.  (One turned out to be an endodontist, a totally different animal.)  Plus it turns out having an HMO not PPO means most specialists are out-of-network, which I don’t have and can’t afford, or don’t take my insurance at all, including the three my dentist (who was likewise hard to obtain) referred me to.

I got this dental insurance intentionally because it covers so much comprehensive dental work like implants.  Ha.  Maybe it’s a Missouri issue.  I had no such problem with virtually the same insurance in Ohio.

Anyway, I appear to have found a periodontist who will hopefully be covered, though not that close to me, and not until September, but it’s something.  Then I had to fill out a dozen online forms for them.  I’m already tired of perio.

At this rate, I may die first, and not need teeth.  It seems to be a recurring theme, lately.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to what I’m better at, gardening.  I even get to add on a new project, Jess’s, where I’m going to make them an herb garden and other features.  Something I can sink my remaining teeth into!

Speaking of which, here’s a rabbit.



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