Out With Radishes, In With Nightshades, and Another Herb Garden

I drove over to Avdi’s and immediately got to work.  I harvested all the remaining radishes, making room for pepper seedlings, which I planted in their place.  I planted the various varieties of basil plants in the herb garden.  Then Avdi helped me prep the areas in front of the veg garden for tomato seedlings, and we planted them.  All that’s left down in propagation is one flat of assorted tomatoes and peppers to divide between Avdi and Jess.

Speaking of which, when I was done with A’s garden, I drove over to Jess’s to make them an herb garden.  Eric had obtained the necessary soil amendments, which I dug into the designated area, then planted the seedlings I had grown for them.  I forgot to take a before shot, which was an overgrown weedy tangle.  I think Eric approved of the end result, which he agreed to water regularly.  Also here are some irises.

Pixie the Cat was being adorable again.  Here she is being walked outside by Evelyn on her harness, grazing on grass.

On the way home, I actually stopped at a (gasp) grocery store for a few necessities.  I used to take driving and shopping for granted.  Now it’s a novelty.

Robert has organized a shivah zoom for Sunday evening for anyone who wants to join, including family, friends, their synagogue, and ours; should be interesting.  Some cousins who haven’t talked for decades may end up on there together.  We’re both finding this death of Mom is reconnecting us to long-lost family members and family history.






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