Digressions {Not a Rant}

I had a dream that my mother, after this latest hospitalization and “rehab”, suddenly made this amazing recovery back to being a sentient being, dressed and in her right mind.  It was such a shock and relief to see her that way.  (In reality, she’s a demented zombie who can only howl like an alley cat, can’t attend to her own basic hygiene, and qualifies for hospice.)  Just thought I’d throw that in there.  If only “modern” science could do that.

While I’m digressing, I find it so absurd and ironic that all the books that were required reading in high school back in the last century(!) are now on the banned list.  How is it our country can regress to such a terrifying degree?  We were encouraged to read whatever was available in those conservative days on racism, women’s rights and sexuality, homophobia, native genocide, environmental issues, evolution and science, and all the “controversial” anti-establishment books.  (OK, maybe not “Lolita”, but it wasn’t that hard to come by!)  How have we even progressed at all?

My trans ex in Ohio grew up with extreme transphobia and ignorance, and her grandchildren whom she loves are being brainwashed by Trump-supporting families to hate and shun her and all trans people.  She worked in the schools until the transphobic church-goers among them ganged up and forced her out.  I’d like to think that there have to be some reasonable, educated parents, teachers, and trans/non-binary students there who could somehow influence those grandkids and others like them to open their minds, but I’m not optimistic.  It’s a vicious generational noose.

And that’s just bland Ohio; I’ve lived in Tennessee, and now Missouri, and have seen how pervasive and insidious this “virus” can be in the highest levels of government, where you’d think people would have to be more educated just to qualify for those positions, but apparently not.  This is how fascism gets started; it’s eerily familiar.  I fear the only hope is for all the irrational old haters to die off, and allow all the Black, gender-queer, informed kids to take over.

Well.  This is what happens when I’m left alone in my apartment for too long…I get to thinking, not a good sign!  Soon I’ll be over Avdi’s watering, cooking, baking, and puttering, a more productive use of what brain I have left.  To be continued…



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