Killing IT, Garden Variety

Disregard the previous whining and digressing [sigh of relief].  I am now at Avdi’s, killing it instead of time.  I’ll be here overnight.  My to-do list was so long, I haven’t had a moment edgewise to get angsty or bored.

I watered the downstairs seedlings, and did several loads of laundry (theirs and mine).  I gave Percy his salad, as promised!  I watered the whole garden.  I took photos, while beady-eyed rabbits watched.  I picked a new Shabbat bouquet.  I started the chicken (a Mediterranean theme with fresh herbs from the garden, marsala wine, tomatoes, balsamic, honey, onions, garlic, etc. etc….).  I harvested a pile of assorted radishes, and sliced them thin to go on fresh bread and butter.  I picked more garden greens for dinner.  I started the challah, and baked it.  I did routine chores around the house, getting it ready for Shabbat.

It’s always easy for me to keep busy here, while also enjoying the outdoors, which keeps me from being as annoying, let’s hope!

Meanwhile, Avdi and Jess worked in the office (with the usual colorful emoting), and Avdi unveiled his latest bread, a dark rye!  It was spectacular!  Fluffy and flavorful, especially with butter (and radishes!).

It’s still a little too early to plant the tomato, pepper, and basil seedlings, according to MO almanacs and fluctuating weather, which is a little annoying, but better to be patient and not kill them with over-enthusiasm.  I have plenty of other things here to keep me busy and out of trouble.

Avdi concocted this very nice drink featuring fancy mezcal, Suze French liqueur, sparkling water, and a lime.




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