I know “sanguinity” is not a word, but it should be, combining optimism and sanity to describe my garden therapy.  Not just a hobby.  Plus it’s free and it pays.

Sorry about that yesterday.  Too much time to think.  Once I get back into the garden, things get a little more upbeat and positive.

In the meantime, I eke out some growing things wherever I can.  Just a couple of days ago I started these lettuces and greens for a mini-salad bar, and look at them already!  I won’t even have to fend off rabid rabbits.

Same with this little Thai basil I started hydroponically–it didn’t waste any time.

My orchid is still happily showing off its colors.  Orchids are in it for the long term.

And even though I didn’t grow this butternut squash (which I yummily roasted), of course I saved the seeds to add to the row in Avdi’s garden.  (Also, baking it helped warm up my chilly apartment.  I had turned the heat off, but it really chilled down outside, into the 30s at night.  I’m glad I held off moving the tomato and pepper plants outside.)


It’s pretty obvious where I’d rather be right now, is it not?



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