Tastes Like Chicken

Technically I don’t have to write today, since I posted multiple times on other days, but you know me, I must bore you daily with inane blahging.

Only, there’s literally nothing to write about, sitting in my apartment.  I don’t have my own garden, or the means to get most places.  Now that I have the time, I can’t join groups protesting or alleviating social injustice issues, without funds or mobility.  My grocery money went to dental expenses this month, so even shopping is out.

But hey, who’s kvetching?  I’m still alive, some of my teeth are still in my mouth for now, my son and family are nearby and accessible, I live in a fascist state (oh wait, how did that get in there?), I live in a pretty progressive town if you ignore the surrounding state, (which is hard to do right about now, but I’m trying), and if I run out of food I can always walk to Avdi’s garden and compete with mobs of sinister rabbits for salad (or kill the wabbit, if I get desperate; I hear it tastes like chicken.)

Seriously, it’s like a fascist state here.  How do humans get so phobic and hateful and repulsive?  How can we progress when we’re always outvoted and overpowered by racist, transphobic nazis?  Not feeling the optimism right now.  Don’t know what to do about it.  All I know to do is be a supportive ally to those who may make a difference in a future world that I won’t live to see.  And grow them some veggies.

Like I said, not much to say…



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