Rabbit Umbrella

Here is one of multiple huge bunnies imagining he’s hiding under some blooming mayapples, or in full view.  If it had rained this evening like it was supposed to, mayapples would have made good umbrellas.

As it is, I found the garden quite dry from its week of 80 degree weather, but holding on.  Tomorrow I’ll water everything, in between cooking and baking.  Meanwhile, lots more flowers and plants bloomed and veggies emerged while I was gone.  It’s amazing to see what happens when I’m not here to supervise!  I’m particularly happy to see the native red and yellow columbines in full bloom.

I was at my apartment last night and all day today, running out of things to do and ways to kill time until I could get to Avdi’s, where there’s always worthwhile work to do!  Sometimes I can even squeeze in a blahgpost!


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