Seek Shelter and Kiss Ass Goodbye

Yesterday turned out to be quite eventful.  The weather alternated between a delightful day to hang out in gardens, and dangerous extreme thunderstorms, culminating in an actual tornado warning in the evening.

After sitting out the first storm threat, Avdi and I grabbed his pro photography gear and joined Jess and her daughter E and a whole mob of her friends and their parents at MOBOT to do a prom photoshoot.  It was like herding very fancy, funny cats.  I helped Avdi carry gear and hold the large round reflector.  I even managed to sneak in a few shots of actual flowers.

In the evening we had pizza and started to watch our show, while weather conditions continued to worsen.  Then we started getting tornado warning alerts (“seek shelter now!”) and the siren came on continuously.  Was this the big one, where we all end up in Oz, or worse, Kansas?  So the three of us schlepped stuff down the basement and hung out there for a while with Percy, me trying not to panic, Avdi entertaining us with funny readings of Poe stories, K unperturbed by it all, and Percy just sitting there with his beady eye on me.

Finally the worst of the threat was over, though very loud thunderstorms continued.  Avdi and I finished watching our show; he hung around for a while to make sure we were OK, then he went out and I spent the night.  Another scary tornado averted.  I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it and take it in stride.

But I lived to write another day.

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