Getting Back on the Habitrail

Yesterday I totally made up for some lost time.  I still wasn’t feeling all there from the meds, but nevertheless I got busy, starting with some laps, the first in weeks, just to get some oxygen into my blood and possibly brain.

Then Avdi came over, we caught up on some business items to be done, and then we went on a Pesach shopping spree.  We stocked up on basics and Pesach items, and also picked up some seeds and soil amendments at Lowes, and hauled it all home.

At Avdi’s, I worked on garden tasks.  I cleaned up and reorganized the seedlings in the prop lab downstairs, to ready them for rotation out to the garden soon.  I took all the mature lettuces, herbs, and wildflowers to sheltered beds on the back porch, to start hardening them off.  While there, I noticed all the new seedlings coming up in the veg garden–carrots, beets, turnips, and the rest of the peas and spinach.

The native flowers and others were really exploding out there–it was a pleasure to take it all in and explore.  The masses of Virginia bluebells starting to bloom are especially gratifying.  And trillium! And it’s just the beginning.  I love these former, as yet unmet residents, who had such an obvious appreciation for restoring native plants into the landscape.  I look forward to talking shop with them one day.  In the meantime, I will faithfully help maintain what they have created.

On the way home, A and K and I ate questionable burgers and these ridiculously huge root beer floats at Hi- Pointe Drive-In, or tried to.  It was my first so-called meal since being indisposed, and it may not have been the ideal call, as it reminded me all night long!

Today was a big day for hydroponix!  The Thai basil and sage had outgrown their space on deck, and the root systems were like something out of a Japanese mutant monster movie!  So I carefully, surgically extracted them and potted them up.  I’m a proud hydroponix mother.


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