Domes Away

Later I’ll be heading over to A’s overnight, so I’ll check in now.

Those little hydro-babies are really starting to pop their lids!  Here’s the latest, sage.  Plus another sage growing in soil.  My older herbs are slowly migrating over to A’s, where they will eventually find a bed in the new herb gardens, my next project.

I did a few laps, cooked a healthy, balanced meal, socialization to come later.  I did run into my next-door neighbor (not literally) while doing laps, and said hi.  She’s an older bent-over lady, probably retired.  We occasionally hold doors for each other, that’s about it.

The people at this apartment building seem to really like their privacy, when they’re not at work.  It’s mostly quiet, except for “Bigfoot” directly over me.  Whenever he (it?) comes home from work, the ten-ton boots come crashing down, along with the toilet seat and everything else up there.  Early in the morning, the thudding around above me is like an alarm clock.  I guess it’s a small price to pay for apartment living.

Today I’m hoping to direct-sow some peas, spinach, and radishes in A’d garden, with his help.  Stay tuned for more exciting bulletins!

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