First STL Tornado Watch

Another STL first–helping Avdi direct-sow the first seeds of the season in his veg garden yesterday.  Actually, I let him do most of the actual seeding, something he really enjoys.  We planted assorted peas, radishes, and spinach.  I went a little overboard on the radishes, for some reason, so now we have to find new ways to eat them!  So the 2023 growing season is officially underway at the Avdi’s.

After he got back to his work, I mixed up a wagonload of soil amendments and prepped the beginnings of the herb beds.

It was weirdly warm out today, and just now we got my first STL tornado watch alert, so I’m signing off for now—if you don’t hear from me, I guess I’ll be in Oz.  I’m just glad I got to STL and my family when I did, for however much time I have left.  I hope my worst fears won’t be realized.

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