Dome Part 2

So, I definitely got my exercise!  I walked to A’s (it was very warm out), greeting other walkers along the way, and then got to work planting the next batch of seeds down in the “greenhouse”.  I planted one flat of assorted tomatoes, and one flat of assorted cool-weather greens.  It’s beginning to look like a prop house now.  Jess was there working with A, and K. was home for Pres. Day, so I got my socialization in.

Then I went outside and A joined me raking out all the bags of compost/manure plus a load of his homemade compost into the veg garden.  Then I rototilled it all in a few more times, and raked it again.  Now it’s ready for the first direct sowing next time I’m there, probably tomorrow.  Until then, the robins and other critters are doing their jobs.  I totally earned my beer (and an episode of Expanse) this evening.

The very first spring bulb flowers are starting to bloom.  It’s just a matter of time.

Now I’m home eating some healthy leftovers, because I actually worked up an appetite.


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