First Rototilling STL

Yesterday I totally earned my keep, or at least beer, rototilling Avdi’s veg garden.  It’s almost ready to go, just needs some compost/manure tilled in, then we can direct sow the earliest greens.  Is it my imagination, or is everything earlier in MO?  Anyway, that was another big first.  Also none too soon, because today it rained.

K. was home from school sick yesterday, and it was a warm, springy day, so he and Percy lay about in the sun while I worked.  Here’s the PigWig eating one of the many rainbow carrots I dug up from last year.  Jess and Avdi worked in the office.  Avdi baked a perfect whole wheat bread.  He has become quite the baker.

Later, we ate some extremely delicious Thai chicken red curry with jasmine rice that Avdi had made.  We watched our “stories” (Expanse), then Avdi went out and I held down the fort overnight.  I took my first shower over there,  watched some more Rez Dogs episodes, read my Maya Angelou, and slept most of the night.  This morning, K. rode his bike to school, and then Avdi drove me home.

So, I’d say I got plenty of exercise, healthy cookery, socialization, reading, writing, and even, one might say, early morning meditation with devotional Telugu music and incense while drinking my coffee.  Tomorrow Avdi and I will probably do something together.

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