First Birthday

I’ll be headed over to Avdi’s overnight, where most of my exercise, etc. will take place.  I’m hoping to start digging up the veg patch today, to prep it for the first direct sowing.  I’m purposely stating this now, so I can be held to it!

Avdi and Jess pointed out yesterday that this will be my first birthday in MO!  That’s a major first.  It’s been more like a birthday week, with all the many thoughtful things I’ve been treated to or given.  I’d have to say it will be my happiest in a long time, being spent with family.

So why do I still often have horrible nightmares all night?  My subconscious mind is a strange, scary place.  You don’t want to go there!  I will note I’ve been sleeping better at Avdi’s lately.  I feel more comfortable there than I did.  Maybe that’s why I’m finally going to bring a change of clothes and overnight stuff there for the first time.  When the kids arrive, I’ll be camping out there a lot.

On that note, here are some recent random shots at Avdi’s, including Percy the PigWig baring his fangs.




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