My Purple Converse and Other Headlines

Today Avdi and Jess are taking me to lunch at a Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean restaurant (like a boho Tel Aviv vibe) for my birthday, yofi! [“nice” in Hebrew] so I’ll keep this short for now.  I did 10 laps, saving room to eat later, socializing will happen, etc, etc.

I made an attempt to dress up , as much as I ever do these days (really just an excuse to wear my newish purple Converse), and even took a selfie to prove it.  Or two partial segments of me, at least.  How do you get your entire self in a selfie?  That’s how much I don’t know!  I guess I don’t have a midsection.

In other good news–my hydro lab seedlings are just starting to germinate!  That took only 4-5 days!!  This one happens to be Thai basil.  It’s alive!  (Also germinating are Genovese basil, Italian oregano, and thyme.)  You know what else is adorable?  One of my wildflowers is blooming indoors!  Meanwhile, my conventional herb seedlings have been coming up.  Avdi’s future herb garden will be fully stocked and loaded.

Ok, back later.





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