Upper Crust Challah and Exotic Animals of STL

Never a dull moment at Avdi’s, in a good way.

For starters, somehow I outdid myself on the challah, to the point where Avdi declared it the quintessential, genuine classic, hard to get better than that, and K. agreed.  I even amazed myself.  My homemade Jewish Penicillin (chicken soup) with matzah balls from scratch wasn’t bad, either, although the balls could have been more cannonball-like.

I stayed overnight, watched some stuff, read my book, and slept well.  This morning I puttered around some more until Avdi got back, and then we went to the St. Louis Zoo!  On the way, we passed the famous iconic old Amoco sign.

Even in winter, with many exhibits closed, the zoo was a great place.  My favorites were the aquatic critters.  Avdi even bought me an adorable plush harbor seal for my birthday, shown atop its own water feature.  Here are scenes:

Exercise: lots at the zoo.  Cookery: see above, plus leftovers.  Socializing: at Avdi’s.  Reading and writing: check.  Meditation: “Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo.”



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