You read right–hydroponix, the new propagatrix!  I set up my new little lab, with its water pump and LED lights.  Meanwhile, I’m soaking the herb seeds and sponges they’ll germinate in, overnight.  Then I’ll insert those into the baskets, set them into the deck openings, cover each with its grow dome, and wait.  Once the seeds germinate, I’ll mix up the included fertilizers and add them into the tank.  Then it’s just a matter of keeping components adjusted.  I even managed to follow the funny Chinese English instructions!  I look forward to reaching “The Period of Prosperous”!

I’m trying rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, Thai basil, Genovese basil, garlic chives, and English lavender, to see how they do hydroponically compared to conventionally.  Then I’ll move on to other herbs, greens, and flowers.  I’m already visualizing Avdi’s new herb and edible flower gardens.

Speaking of edibles, my lunch was Old Bay-seasoned fish and potatoes, broccoli with cilantro and mozzarella.  Simple, but healthy.  And of course more water.

And now for my latest trick–for exercise, I finally got up the nerve to walk down the street and get my straw bale a.k.a. hair trimmed, way overdue.  Don’t ask me why that made me so nervous, but it wasn’t so hard after all, and it feels a lot healthier.  The nice hair stylist gave me a bonus pep talk the whole time about deciding to try new things vs. giving in to fears, like an affordable shrink!  I do feel lighter after all that de-thatching.  No, you’re not getting a selfie; there’s still my unphotogenic face to deal with,

Does anyone know an experienced drag queen who can teach me how to do a makeover?  It would take some serious skills.

Oh, and I met a couple of stylists and socialized!  And I’m writing about it.



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