Remains from the Crypt, and Signs of Life

I must have slept for three days, on and off.  Finally I felt able to get up and go to Avdi’s yesterday.  He thinks I may be getting migraines.  As far as I know I’ve never had them until recently, and assumed what I had couldn’t be that bad.  It does knock me down for days.  Avdi gets them, hopefully not from me!  He inherited enough genetic crap already!

Anyway, I felt well enough to get lots done over there.  The little pepper seedlings are happily germinating downstairs, with a little mothering from me.  I did some light cleanup, and some sorting projects for Avdi.  There was a bin of tangled tech spaghetti from yesteryear, and some ancient candles from the crypt, including an old Havdalah candle I attempted to make eons ago.  Talk about full circle!  Two more big bins of stuff to donate (some of it to me).

It was springlike again, so I explored the yard for early spring risers.  Some weeds were blooming!  There are masses of various spring bulb spears coming up, some with flower buds.  I was happy to find that the crocuses I had planted in fall were coming up under the mulch (not shown).

I made a hot dog dinner for us (Costco kosher dogs are the best!), and Avdi and I watched our latest installment of The Expanse, a brilliant sci-fi series, in our opinion.

So, exercise: lots of it going up and down stairs and walking outside; cooking: see above; socializing: check; reading and writing, automatic; and drinking more water (the new meditation?), happening.  I think meditation will become however I spend Shabbat. Seems logical.

I returned home and proceeded to have awful nightmares all night long!  Not from The Expanse!  I think my anxiety and insecurity just get the better of me sometimes.  Now it’s another day, with maybe another blahgpost to come, if I accomplish anything to write about.  I’m thinking hydroponics?  Time will tell.


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