Fermentation and Germination

I spent the night at Avdi’s, who has become a bread making machine.  Every time I go over there, he has a couple of new trial breads.  I can’t say I mind being one of his testers.  (His slow-cooker beef stew was pretty great, too.)  Jess joined us after having worked with Avdi in the office, so the dinner conversation was lively.

I sorted all the seeds into categories, so it’s more organized for each phase of germination.  I separated out all the herb seeds to take home and start growing in my propagation station, which I did today.  When they’re ready, I’ll take them to Avdi’s to start his new herb garden out back.

This morning we went grocery shopping, then checked out Savers thrift and secondhand store, where I got some much-needed kitchen/household implements, and even a couple of warm clothes items, all for super-cheap.  Avdi did the same.

As is usually the case when I’m away from home, my daily habits are, um, modified.  Which is fine, they need to be flexible and adapt to circumstances!  Suffice it to say, they got done in some form or another.  And now I’m recording it, so there you have it.


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