Counting for Something

So, yes, this blahg is mainly pretty blah and boring lately, just live with it!  If and when I make it to Day 30 of the 6 habits (or whatever they’ve morphed into by then), we can move on to other non-scintillating stuff.

I also am aware how self-centered this sounds, being about me and my mostly solitary attempt to establish my new footing in STL.  Once it warms up, I’m getting out more, gardening at Avdi’s, and herding kids, hopefully this foundation I’m laying will serve me well, keep me centered and balanced–and possibly less self-absorbed.

This icy white stuff fell.  Now it’s back to ass-freezingly cold out.  Later I’ll be off to Avdi’s to sleep over.  I’m going to organize all his garden seeds into some semblance of order.  In the meantime, we have, you guessed it, the Daily 6.

Exercise: I think I did about 10 (ten!) laps today.  I lost count, it’s so repetitive.

Cooking: Not there yet, but I’m thinking something Asian stir-fry.  Avdi’s making a yummy slow-cooker beef roast, so I have to leave room!

Meditation: Incense, candle, raga, yady yada…it does set a morning mood and atmosphere, which is good, but beyond that…substituting sleep may not be the equivalent, since mine tends to be disturbed and erratic.  Maybe a philosophy thought to contemplate, to set the tone and incorporate into my day?  Still working on it.

Reading: OK, y’know what, I need a different 6 habits.  Ones that aren’t already habits, duh!  Back to the drawing board.

Writing: double-duh.  Though I’ll definitely keep this one as a habit to cultivate and expand upon.  Maybe even come up with something interesting or challenging to write about!

Socializing: I recognize the value to me of this one, something I need more of in my daily life.  It’s too easy to be an introverted recluse, my default position.  I’m sure the kid immersion will fix that.  But also some additional adult intelligent life forms would be a bonus.

Like I said, an evolving work-in-progress.  Most people my age are devolving or regressing into non-productive inertia, but I fight this tendency with whatever strength I have left.  As soon as I stop resisting it, I’m already dead.  I’m trying to make the limited time I have left count for something.  (I’ll be 71 in February.)

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