Habitude in Solitude

Exercise: yesterday’s exciting outing must have worn me out, so today I made myself do just 5 laps.  I almost didn’t do that, but it’s not a habit if you take a day off.  Pretty soon I’ll be longing for breaks, when gardening starts up for real, and the kids show up.  In fact, maybe days off will become the new exercise!

Cooking is easier; I’ve been coming up with very simple, balanced, enjoyable meals to fix and eat.  Today’s was Italian pasta, sautéd beef sausage, fresh thyme, cheeses, and a homegrown salad (my greens got another haircut).  Yesterday I came up with a very simple, delicious soup featuring veggies and onions sautéd in butter, water and milk brought to a simmer, add chicken bouillon and fresh herbs, then egg noodles, and simmer ’til done.  (I confess I don’t keep kosher, in a rabbinic sense, but I do avoid any pork/shellfish at home.)

Meditation doesn’t seem to be a happening thing for me.  The closest I get is incense, candle, Indian ragas, and indoor gardening!  Today I cleaned up and reseeded some leafy greens and repotted some herbs.  Just sitting doing nothing is hard for me!  I feel like I already do too much of that.  I wonder if I could substitute sleeping for meditation?  Maybe all the nightmares tend to cancel out the therapy?  If meditation is just a form of quiet solitude, then it’s already assimilated into my routine!  Time to get creative.

Reading is automatic, so already habituated…maybe I can add on the nature/science/social issue documentaries I tend to watch daily anyway.  I already read fiction for pleasure at bedtime, and some obligatory NF, but this way I can also include educational videos.  My favorite is Pit Bulls and Parolees–it represents everything I believe in about giving second chances.  Also docs about the science and conservation of endangered species going on behind the scenes at the Bronx Zoo and the Atlanta Aquarium.

Writing–all the other habits seem to hinge on documenting my daily progress (or lack thereof), as well as recording all the productive new experiences I’m gaining, so this is probably my most consequential and meaningful habit.  I should mention sometimes I literally hand-write in a private journal or diary, so no one but me (and rarely, someone I share a passage with) knows for sure.  But for continuity and consistency, this more public platform ensures that others can bear witness to my progress, and that I try my best to articulate adequately.

Socializing just doesn’t always take place under the circumstances, other than messaging someone online.  I simply need to meet more people.  I’m not a natural at it, so I’m looking for ways to make it happen.  My preference would be animals, but even that’s not an option right now.

Here are a couple of rare sightings of me by Avdi, and additional photos from yesterday.




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