I’m here at Avdi’s, getting ready to housesit (with my grandson) while everyone else departs tomorrow for other states for Thanksgiving.  On TG itself K. and I are invited over to Jess’s family’s house, so we won’t be alone.  Everyone’s just redistributing for the week.

I’m thankful to have family and extended family, wherever they are, and also for not having to go far on the travel day from hell.  I was even offered the use of two different cars while I’m here, and declined, that’s how not interested I am in taking chances with other people’s cars and lives.  Also I’m very out of practice, having been driven by someone for almost a decade, even in my own car.  Don’t ask.

Today, I got to participate in a family house meeting of four of us to discuss household business and scheduling.  I was thankful to be included.  I even took the minutes, and printed out copies.

Earlier, before I got here, I scattered the native seeds I had been saving for this purpose, out back behind my apartment along the drainage ditch, so they can stratify over winter, and hopefully begin to germinate in spring or summer.  It’s part of my evil plan to sneak some natural life into the unnatural environment I find myself in.

Here are some Italian apple cakes I baked for TG.  Also some sap running from a tree at Avdi’s, and a variegated ground cover holding on when almost everything else is dormant.  Including me, pretty soon.



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